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What lives rent free in your head? For us, it’s almost everything in the pop culture universe. Jameela Jamil being brought to the Red Table? Check. “Mama let’s research!” Absolutely. The OG White Boys of the Month??? (Answer: Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien) 100%. If these references mean anything to you, you should follow us. If they mean nothing to you, honestly good for you (but maybe your trivia skills could benefit from learning about the unnecessary cultural moments that we’ll discuss!).

These are just a fraction of the galaxy brain threads we want to follow in this newsletter. From the MA to Hollywood pipeline to why Armie Hammer is the worst, we are going to give you our deranged takes. Hope you enjoy!

Whomst is at the head of this operation?

Hannah Ebanks and Daysia Tolentino are two halves of a single brain. They are recent college grads, ex -roommates(</3), and freelance writers. Pop Cult is the refined version of what goes down in their Twitter DMs.

What pop culture moment haunts their brain the most?

Daysia: Zayn Malik getting a full portrait tattoo of his ex-fiance Perrie Edwards on his forearm, then subsequently covering it up because they broke up ):

Hannah: Mr. Darcy’s carriage hand flex (iykyk).